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We Now Have Flat-Rate Shipping To Help Our Customers Out On Freight Costs and Help Calculate Animal Costs.

Large Box is $55.00 ● Medium Box is $50.00 ● Small Box is $45.00 ● Extra Small Box is $40.00
● Box Charge is $10.00
● Residential Delivery Add $3.00 ● C.O.D Fee (Business Only) Add $15.00 
*Please remember that Silver City Is Wholesale and there is a $150.00 minimum (Animal Cost).

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 Late January Specials
All Of Our Animals Are Hand-Picked! You Won't Get Better For Less!

To Receive Our Weekly Updated Price List by Email, Email and Write "YES".
Please open this link before inquiring about shipping cost: shipping information

American Alligators, 2013 NEW Babies, 8-10", Farmed $75.00 3/70.00 6/65.00    
American Alligator, 2012 16-18", Farmed $50.00        
Ball Pythons, c.b.'13, feeding $37.50 3/35.00
Ball Pythons, Bush-Babies $28.00 6/26.00
Colombian Boa Constrictors, NEW babies $65.00
Emerald Tree Boa, 2-3' Long-Term, Great Eater, NICEEE!!!!! $250.00        
Kenyan Sand Boas, c.b. juveniles $75.00
Red-Eared Sliders, c.b. '13 Babies!
$3.50 12/3.00
Yellow-Bellied Slider, c.b.'13 babies $5.00 6/4.00 12/3.50 25/3.00

These Weekly Specials Apply Until Friday, January 20th, 2014 and are Subject to Availability

January 24th, 2013 Wholesale Price List


Frogs & Toads

Albino Pac Man Frog, c.b. babies 20.00
Chubby Frog 7.50 3/7.00
Cuban Tree Frog 3.00
Dwarf Pixie Frog, adults 18.00        
Fire-Bellied Toad 4.00 6/3.50    
Giant Marine Toad, Bufo marinus 10.00
Green Pac Man Frog, c.b. babies 17.50
Green Tree Frog, Florida 3.00 6/2.50  
Pixie Frog, c.b. babies 24.00
Red & Black Walking Frog 9.00
Squirrel Tree Frog 1.50        
Tomato Frog, c.b. babies 16.00
White-Lipped Tree Frog 12.00
White's Tree Frog 12.50

Newts & Salamanders

Fire-Bellied Newts 4.00 6/3.50
Fire Salamander 25.00



Hermit Crab, medium, natural asst. shells 1.50        
Hermit Crab, large, natural asst. shells 2.00        


Brazilian Giant Salmon, 2" 40.00
Emerald Skeleton Tarantula, adults 30.00
Rose-Haired Tarantula 8.00 3/7.50 6/7.00 12/6.50
Thai Tiger Tarantula 12.00


Asian Forest Scorpion, look like Emperors out    
Emperor Scorpion out
Flat-Rock Scorpion out
Florida Bark Scorpion 10.00



Bahaman Brown Anoles 2.00        
Cuban Knight Anole 12.00

Green Anoles, Florida-Caught

4.00 6/3.50 12/3.00


Flap-Neck Chameleon 30.00
Senegal Chameleon 17.50        


American Alligators, 2013, 8-10", Farmed See Special        
American Alligator, 2012, 16-18", Farmed See Special        
Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman, hand-picked babies out        


African Fat-Tailed Gecko out        
Bibron's Gecko out    
Dull (Dubia) Day Gecko 15.00        
House Gecko 3.00 6/2.50 12/2.00    
Golden Gecko 7.50 3/7.00 6/6.50    
Leopard Gecko, c.b. babies 15.00        
Marbled Gecko 7.50 3/7.00 6/6.50    
Tokay Gecko, purple with red spots out
White-Lined Gecko 13.00        


Green Iguana, babies 10.00 6/9.00 12/8.00 25/7.50
Red Iguana, (Green Iguana Red Phase) 25.00


Argentine Black & White Tegu, the best pick! out        


African Fire Skink, beautiful 21.00        
Armadillo Lizard, getting hard to get 27.50        
Armadillo Lizard, c.b. babies 10.00        
Bearded Dragon, babies 50.00
Brown Basilisk 7.50
Jeweled Curly-Tailed Lizard, bright males 8.00 3/7.50
Mountain Horned Dragon, nice 12.00 3/11.00 6/10.00
Water Dragon, small 10.00 3/9.00 6/8.00 12/7.50
Water Dragon, medium 15.00 3/12.50



Amazon Tree Boa 35.00        
Colombian Boa Constrictors, NEW Babies See Special        
Colombian Rainbow Boa, c.b. babies 37.50
Emerald Tree Boa, 2-3' NICEEE!!!!! See Special        
Kenyan Sand Boa, c.b. See Special

Kingsnakes & Milk Snakes

Pueblan Milk, c.b.'13 45.00


Albino Ball Python, BIG '12 male 350.00        
Ball Python, c.b.'13 feeding See Special
Ball Python, Bush Babies See Special
Red Blood, babies-small, hand-picked 85.00


Florida Banded Water Snake 10.00        
Florida Green Snake 16.00
Florida Ribbon Snake 10.00        

Rat Snakes

Hypomelanistic Corn Snake, c.b., 2' +/- 20.00        
Red Rat (Corn) Snake, babies' 25.00

Venomous (Must be 18 years old or older. All Venomous Reptiles are Shipped Via Delta Air Cargo, and a $20.00 wood crate fee applies.)




Turtles & Tortoises - 4" and up

African Side-Necked Turtle 13.00
Sulcata Tortoise, 16-22" males
Local Pick-Up Only
Red-Eared Sliders, nice 3-4" 8.00        
Red-Foot Tortoise, 4" beauties out        
Russian Tortoise, hand-picked 75.00        

Turtles & Tortoises - Under 4" ( For export, educational, or scientific purposes only.)

Buyers Must Sign Our 4" Turtle Law Statement Before Order Will Be Shipped.

Common Musk Turtle, c.b.'13 10.00 6/9.00 12/8.00    
Common Snapping Turtle, c.b.'13 18.00 3/16.00 6/15.00    
Hermann's Tortoise, c.b.'13 125.00
Mississippi Map Turtle, c.b.'13 babies 5.00 6/4.50 12/4.00 25/3.50
Razor-Back Musk Turtle, c.b.'13 20.00
Red-Eared-Slider, c.b.'13 NEW babies See Special        
Red-Foot Tortoise, c.b.'13 80.00
Southern (Red-Striped) Painted Turtle, c.b.'13 10.00 6/9.00 12/8.00    
Yellow-Bellied Slider, c.b.'13 babies See Special
B-Grade Animals (Non Life Threatening Defects)


Cloth Sacks, "Snake Sacks", 8 x 12" 1.50        
Cloth Sacks, "Snake Sacks", 8 x 20" 1.75        
Cloth Sacks, "Snake Sacks", 12 x 20" 2.00        
Cloth Sacks, "Snake Sacks", 15 x 20" 2.25        
Cloth Sacks, "Snake Sacks", 16 x 32" 2.50        
Cup, 6 oz. vented with lids .30        
Cup, 8 oz. vented with lids .30        
Cup, 16 oz. vented with lids .35        
Cup, 32 oz. (6" diameter) vented with lids 1.15        
Cup, 96 oz. (10" diameter), vented with lids Out        
Heat Pack, 40-hour 2.00 10/1.50      
No Pest Strip Jr., effective against reptile mites! out        
Shipping Box, 1/2" Styrofoam, 12 x 9 x 6" 5.00 pick-up
Shipping Box, 1/2" Styrofoam, 15 x 11 x 6" 6.00 pick-up


Terms and Conditions of Sale

  • Unless otherwise agreed upon, all orders are to be paid via pre-payment, Credit Card or PayPal; Businesses may Ship C.O.D. Money Order/Cashier's Check.

  • All Shipments are sent via Delta Air Cargo, or UPS Next Day Air.

  • UPS Next Day Air shipments, although convenient, are not guaranteed.

  • Air Cargo Shipments must be picked-up within three (3) hours of their arrival time and we must be notified within twelve (12) hours if any credit or replacement is desired. A specific message must be left on our answering machine if we are not available directly. Silver City Serpentarium, Inc. reserves the right to request photographs and/or have the animal(s) in question returned.

  • Live arrival is guaranteed on orders via air cargo, excluding the following exceptions:

-Amphibians are not guaranteed.

-Animals shipped through areas that are below 40 or above 90 degrees are not guaranteed.

-We cannot be responsible for losses due to carrier mishandling. In these instances, a claim must be made at the air cargo station where the shipment was received.

  • A packing/box charge applies to all orders ($ 10.00 per box). Most orders fit in one (1) box.

  • Customers are responsible for all state and local laws concerning animals they order.

Please notify us of the weather conditions in your area so we can pack your shipment accordingly


* Indicates new arrivals for the week.


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